Sunday, June 8, 2008

Backpacker's Pantry--Lasagna (a review)

After our camping companions introduced us to the wonders of freeze dried camping food a few weekends ago, we decided to give it a try...

MSR Dragonfly stove
Here I am using my MSR Dragonfly stove to boil a little over 2 cups of water in the largest pot of Snow Peak's 3 piece titanium cook set. This set is ultra compact (maybe too compact) and light weight.

Snow Peak Ti cook set
The pots stack up nicely, the handles fold in, and they go inside a mesh bag. Very clever.

Freeze dried food!
Backpacker's Pantry meatless Lasagna ready to cook.

Add boiling water to mix...
Stir boiling water into mix, cover and wait 13 minutes.

Grilled cheese!
I was worried the skillet would be too small for making grilled cheese sandwiches, luckily we had a mini loaf of sour dough bread.

Lasagna finished!
13 minutes later, gourmet food in the wilderness (or on the back deck).

I really enjoyed the lasagna-- it tasted homemade and familiar which is probably why I liked it so much. The Snow Peak cook set will take more practice to get used to but I think they'll work out well.

Freeze dried camping food is the way to go!


Vik said...

I switched from stainless steel pots to teflon [didn't last very long camping] and now to anodized aluminum [not as non-stick as telfon, but much more durable]. How did you find the Ti pots were for ease of cleaning?

Josh said...

Not too bad to clean really. I think if you overcooked something it would take a little extra effort to get them spotless. The best part is how hot they get with very little heat from the stove, much easier to cook with than my REI teflon set.

Anonymous said...