Sunday, May 25, 2008

5 photos from Saturday

Meridian, Idaho
This is the welcome sign for Meridian, Idaho. Passing by in a car at 30-35 mph it might look alright, but upon closer inspection the ground is littered with trash and spent cigarettes.

Lucky Peak reservoir
Highway 21 to Idaho City, Lucky Peak reservoir.

Honda Insight
A hand out the window shot of the Honda Insight. I was feeling caged up and bored riding in the car.

62 mpg
62 MPG, 600 miles on one tank of gas: the Honda Insight is a technological wonder (almost). I know it's supposed to be "burning calories, not fossil fuels", but my allergies were really bad and I don't do so great riding a bike and sneezing uncontrollably.

Penny-farthing bicycle
And finally, Mr. High Wheel. Cool bike and cool helmet.

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