Thursday, May 1, 2008

Raleigh One Way

Raleigh One Way, originally uploaded by Monkeykun.

This is the last one (for awhile). I picked up a leftover 2007 Raleigh One Way for a decent price from the bike shop in Meridian earlier this week. I like the simplicity of having one speed, the fenders for wet weather, and the comfortable riding position. It will be a great commuter.

On another note, my Xtracycle v-racks and wideloaders are still sitting in my boss's office (they've been there since last Thursday). He has a friend who is in the process of setting up his powder coating shop and should be able to work on them soon. I can't wait to get the Dummy back together and do some riding!

Raleigh One WayRaleigh One Way


Vik said...

Very that a SS or fixie?

I'd pull the front mud flap and replace it with a DIY version [milk jug work well] that goes nearly to the ground. That will protect your feet and drive train nicely.

Congrats on the new bike...=-)

Josh said...

It's a single speed, but I think the hub will accept a fixed cog on the opposite side. Extending the front fender down sounds like a good idea, I hate wet shoes. Thanks for the tip Vik!