Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Flat tire!

I-84, originally uploaded by Monkeykun.

About a mile away from work this morning I noticed it was getting harder to pedal, something wasn't right. Sure enough, the rear tire went flat. This time I was equipped with a patch kit and wrench but I thought to hell with it, I'll walk the last mile. About a minute after I started walking my bike down the street, a commuter on a recumbent pulling a BOB trailer slowed down and asked if everything was okay. I smiled and told him I was fine, and that I was almost to work, thanks for stopping. A little further down the road another commuter, this time on a road bike slowed and asked if I needed anything. I thanked him and explained that I was almost to work. I was amazed! Most people who drive cars wouldn't think to stop and offer help to a fellow stranded motorist but this morning the bicycle community proved the opposite. During my lunch hour I took the rear rim off, borrowed the shop truck and drove to a LBS. I planned on buying a tube and installing it myself but I ran out of patience dealing with all the things going on at work and I probably would've thrown the rim across the shop, so I had them install one for me.

Tonight I stopped at the Locust Grove overpass and snapped the picture above. As I drank from my water bottle and watched the cars snail along, I concluded the inconvenience of an occasional flat tire is still worth the freedom my bicycle gives me.


Vik said...

Glad to hear you had lots of positive experiences with other bike commuters...=)

What tires are you running?..What caused the flat?

I haven't had a single flat running Schwalbe Marathon XR tires. They roll pretty well and can hand some moderate off road action making them quite versatile.

Josh said...

They are Vittoria Zaffiros (I think they're low end). I'm hoping the original equipment tubes were duds and the problem is solved now. If not I guess I'll have to upgrade tires... Marathon XRs look like a good possibility.

Jimbo said...

I have Vittoria Randonners on my Sojuern and have about 500 flat free miles so far. Probably just jinxed myself as I have managed to flat as many as three times commuting from Overland/Cole are to Spurwing CC. I did get really good at changing flats on my single speed though. About seven minits average. Keep riding !

Just found your blog about a week ago hope to see your big dummy around town. I may be that old guy keeping up to ya!

Vik said...

Jimbo my friend has the same tires on her Surly LHT and has yet to have a flat in over 2yrs.

Josh said...

My Rx has a set of Vittoria Randonneurs on it and they have been reliable so far.

The Dummy should be back together this week so if I see a Sojuern out and about I'll be sure to say hello!