Thursday, April 10, 2008

Footsie project

Metal Market, originally uploaded by Monkeykun.

Today I walked to the metal shop next door to get a price on some aluminum tubing for making a couple sets of knock-off Xtracycle footsies. The owner Tom thought he had some leftover tubing from a special order he made a few months ago but he couldn't locate it. He found a similiar product with a larger inside diameter (should be okay) and I ended up buying enough to build 2 sets of footsies.


Clancy said...

A BigDummy in Boise? I wouldnt mind checking it out. I may be in for some knockoff footsie also, if you are selling.

I have had an Xtracycle for a year and love it.

Josh said...

Check back in a week or so on the footsies, I should have something done by then. Which part of Boise do you live in?

Clancy said...

North Boise and I work downtown.

Josh said...

That's cool, I'll sell you a set of locally made footsies if you're interested and I'll even deliver them with the Big Dummy.