Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Snapdeck!, originally uploaded by Monkeykun.

After looking through the manufacturer paint catalog for a few hours I decided on 8491/491 Rocky Mountains Brown Dark met, Mercedes-Benz Maybach paint. I started by using a scotchbrite pad to remove the VERY thin layer of Xtracycle varnish, sprayed a coat of sealer on it, then the base coat, and finally some clear coat. Things looked good until it started to bubble in the oven, so we took it out, wet sanded the whole deck, sprayed another coat of base, 4 coats of clear, and let it air dry this time. It turned out well and it was a great experience! Tonight I am going to take the freeloaders off the v-racks and take them to work to be powder coated flat black.


Clancy said...

That looks great. I saw the bigger pic on

Josh said...

Thanks Clancy :)

Vik said...

Great job......mine doesn't look nearly as nice, but I'll just look at your pics when I need a taste of snap deck porn...=-)